Contaminated Water Piping Replacement, Hebron Elementary School, Hebron, CT

The Work generally includes following major elements:
Removal of existing building materials and components, including portions of the plumbing system, selected interior partitions and finishes including CMU partitions,selected toilet partitions for reinstallation, and finished ceilings.

Plumbing System Renovation includes the following:
a. Provide and install (P&I) new domestic water distribution system.
b. (P&I) new drinking fountains in hallways and classrooms at existing locations.
c. (P&I) new faucets for all sinks and lavatories.
d. (P&I) new wash-stations for gang bathrooms.
e. (P&I) new sensor flush valves.
f. (P&I) one (1) new electric water heater with recirculation pump and two (2) new gas water heaters with recirculation pump.
4. Provision of new building materials and components, including plumbing piping, selected interior partitions and finishes including CMU partitions, and toilet accessories.
5. Patching of finished ceilings.
6. Offsite legal disposal of all removed materials.

Owner Occupancy: The Owner will occupy the site and existing building during the entire
construction period. Cooperate with the Owner during construction operations to minimize
conflicts and facilitate Owner and Public usage of the remainder of the site. Perform the Work
so as not to interfere with the Owner’s operations. Pre-schedule construction operations with
the Owner.

Captain Joseph W. Spencer House Phase IV Renovations, Westbrook, CT

Renovation to the interiors of the existing Training and Educational Facility. Reconfiguration of existing layout, removal of existing ceilings and replace with new gypsum board, remove and replace doors and hardware, renovation of (2) existing bathrooms, new bedroom, new bathroom, new training kitchen, multi-purpose room, new flooring and finishes. Project also includes wiring for IT and Audio Visual work, exterior site lighting, and repaving of parking lot. The project will include associated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades and new lighting, flooring and finishes.


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