Ledyard Police

Construction of a new 2 Story Police Facility. This facility included a cast in place foundation, structural steel framed, composite concrete decks, wood truss roof structure, ashpalt shingles, with a decorative cupula with weather vane. Exterior walls consisted of engineered light guage framing with spray applied insulation and insulated sheating panels with cement board siding and enegry efficent windows.  

The new consturction building featured a zoned high efficiency water source forced air heat pump heating and cooling system with digial BMS controls. 

 The interior of the building housed  3 detention cells, prisoner processing, evidence processing and storage. 

A state-of-the art 911 dispatch center was buit on the main level. The department was one of the first in the state to utilize the next-gen 911 system. The dispach center was enclosed in secure area with bullet resitant walls, transaction windows, and doors. 

The project also incuded an intergrated technology system that included radio communications, dispatch, building access control, CCTV Interview recording, and intercom.

Other aspects of the building included 2 vehicle sally port , locker rooms, administrative offices, 2 stop elevator, radio tower, exersice room, kithcen, and training room.

The building is located adjacent to the Town Hall and Town Aall Annex bulding on the property as well. The project inculded extensive site Improvements to transform the propoerty into a town complex. A large parking lot was creatd to service all 3 buildings, new electrical, propane gas, and telecomunication infrastructre was installed to all 3 buildings. An ornate plaza was built with stamped concrete sidewalks, stone walls, in grade lighting, stiar case,  flag poles, and benches. And a entire lanscape consiting of lawns, planting beds, bushed and trees wes also installed. 

All work took place with an occuped town hall and Annex buildings including maintining utilities and egress to the buildings.